Master in Advanced Architecture 2014/15 & 2014/16 // Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Master in Advanced Architecture 2014/15 & 2014/16

Wednesday 1st of October

The ceremony kicked off with a warm welcome to all the new students on behalf of the IAAC Academic coordinator Silvia Brandi. She then passed the word to the IAAC Dean, Manuel Gausa, who gave the students some insight around the founding concepts of IAAC and the agenda developed here.

The students then presented themselves, receiving some IAAC gadgets, followed by the presentation of the first term content.

The evening closed with a nice moment of communion between the new students, the current students, the alumni and the IAAC team!

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OTF 5.0 // Visits to CRICURSA and BRIENCO

Today the IaaC OTF Researchers visited CRICURSA with Joan Tarrus and  BREINCO with Gemma Pagès.

CRICURSA was founded in 1928 with the intention of bringing form, material and processing into high technology glass bending, in order to explore the possibilities of bent glass as a decorative element. After more than 8o years of experience, now offers architectural glass, curved and flat interior and exterior glass, and is present in many of the most famous architectural works around the world.
introduction of new glass-made solutions. Passionate about architecture, creativity and innovation, their aim is to continue inspiring the best engineers and architects in the world, in close collaboration with Facades and installers and all professionals, partnering CRICURSA to the efficiency and capacity to deliver ideas and concepts of the designers.

BREINCO is a Catalan company dedicated to the production urban elements and urban furniture using concrete.
Its phylosophy is oriented to define a new generation of products which are set to improve our surroundings
thanks to their sustainability, while constantly striving for eco-efficiency in the manufacture of products,
using recycled materials and incorporating new technology in the design of multifunctional spaces.
Following these strategic guidelines, BREINCO has evolved its product research and development, and has
created a new line of products, eco-logic®, being the first Spanish company to produce air clean® concrete
pieces with photocatalytic properties, which cause a decontaminating, self-cleaning effect and which reduce
the emission of environmentally-harmful NOx.


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Today the OTF 5.0 Researchers went to visit Ceràmica Cumella and Santa&Cole, check it out!

Ceràmica Cumella

The family workshop CERÀMICA CUMELLA, founded in 1880 in Granollers (Barcelona), originally devoted
to the manufacturing of traditional ceramics and pottery for daily use, has finally become the central core
of an intense public and professional activity. Ceràmica Cumella has lately experienced a notorious increase
in the industrial production of serial pieces -floorings, socles, lattices, coatings, steps, modular elementsundoubtedly
specific in many cases, since they are ordered pieces. Cumella with the conviction of a necessary
integration of technical tradition and innovative process, encouraging with a steady hand and continued
research, for example, on the definition of colours and the manufacturing of the corresponding glazes, both
for mechanical or manual applications; or on finding solutions on how to keep up with present technological
requirement. Toni Cumella spontaneously associates craftsmanship with serial production, personalization,
adaptability, history and culture, not necessarily by this order. He sees it all as a use of concepts, techniques
and processes so as to achieve a specific form of life.


For 28 years now, Santa & Cole has lived for industrial design, an art consisting of focusing on everyday
objects in order to seek a better use experience, thereby leading us to reflect upon material culture.
Santa&Cole generate elements of domestic and urban furniture and lighting, plant elements (living matter)
and books (likewise alive). A range that is only apparently dispersed, converging upon a single concern: not
to accumulate, but rather to select; not to enjoy quantity, but rather quality. Santa & Cole is organized around
four core themes : 1. Strategy, Structure and Knowledge, 2. Editing Policy, 3. The Importance of Design for
Santa & Cole and 4. Policy Knowledge Management. Read More »

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GSS2014 // Final Presentations // Barcelona

Check out the Final Presentations of the Global Summer school 2014 “The Next City” in Barcelona. The presentations were done with video mapping, and prototypes of the proposals were also displayed in function for the jury and public present.

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Global Summer School 2014 // Final Presentations // Barcelona


Global Summer school 2014 // The Next City


Tuesday, 22nd of July 2014 // 16h00 – 18h00, IaaC Auditorium

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GSS2014 The Next City // day 10-14

Day 10 of the Global summer School in Barcelona marked the start of the Synthesis phase, then continued through day 11.

The idea is not to create scaled models representing concepts, but rather take forward certain parts of the team projects to prototype as proofs of concepts. Documentation of this work is being done through two products: 1) a dynamic scale model showing the generative strategy as distributed in Torre Baró and 2) a 1:1 ‘detail’ prototype showing the working energy apparatus to be distributed in the site.

For the development of this phase we have been joined by audio visual experts Ignacio de Juan Creix and Carlo Santi from TL3.

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GSS2014 The Next City // day 9

Day 9 of the Global Summer School in Barcelona started with a Digital Design Tools tutorial run by IAAC Global School Coordinator and Computational Expert Luis Fraguada.

The groups then had the opportunity to work on their project proposals and initial prototypes, which were then later presented in the Mid-Presentation of the GSS.

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