Friday 23rd of January // Jelle Feringa // The Evolution of Work

20150123_jelle feringa_web

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Monday 19th of January // Open Thesis Fabrication // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

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[DMIC] Workshop // DYNAMICS IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS // in collaboration with ETH CAAD and Chalmers

Digital Matter | Intelligent Construction // Workshop


ETH CAAD and Chalmers Faculty: Manuel Kretzer, Stig Anton Nielsen

IAAC Faculty: Areti Markopoulou

IAAC Assistants: Alexandre Dubor, Carlos Bausa

External Guest: Raul Nieves, Prototipolab

In traditional architecture, a change in a material’s property, such as its volume or elasticity, was generally seen as a potential problem affecting the performance of built structures. Static planar surfaces related with stability or even durability have long dominated the architectural vision. When, as a consequence to the introduction of domotics, design disciplines started to explore kinetic and dynamic performances to increase efficiency, this was done following mere rules of mechanical actuators and heavy motor or servo-based systems plugged-in in whichever material surface.

Today, progress in novel and advanced materials coming from disciplines such as medicine or aerospace engineering raise the challenge of adaptation following smart, active or reactive materials that are able to alter their properties reacting to external stimuli. Changes in state, colour, and volume take place with no need of any computing device or mechanical actuator; rather the material itself has all these functions programmed into its persistence on a molecular scale.

In parallel, the 21st century challenges related with global warming, i.e. global temperatures that rise and cause climate change and global urbanization, raise new questions regarding our way of building and inhabiting. Architecture, will have to respond to extreme weather conditions, especially the rise of temperature in densely urbanized areas and smart materials will play a critical role in the architectural process of dealing with the current challenges of the global context.

Which architectural systems can be dynamic and react to environmental conditions such as temperature shifts?

Can buildings and cities perform as environmentally integrated living organisms?

How can architecture remember and learn from previous experiences, therefore evolving with embedded intelligence?

The workshop introduced students to a series of “smart materials” such as polymorph plastics, shape memory polymers, bioplastics, thermochromic pigments, temperature-sensitive and electroconductive materials for 3d printing.

The project proposals explored active materials and developed dynamic architectural proposals for extreme environmental conditions where temperatures in urbanized areas surpass 70 or 80 degrees Celsius. Such extreme temperatures are able to activate a series of smart materials that can change state when heated in high temperatures.

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IAAC Winter Lecture Series 2015 // Full Program

winter lecture series 2015

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IAAC Research Pylos in 3D Tora Exhibition // Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens


The Pylos Research project, developed by IAAC Fabrication Researcher Sofoklis Giannakopoulos, supervised by Areti Markopoulou, with the Robotic Supervision of Alexandre Dubor, is currently being exhibited in the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens as part of the 3D Printing Exhibition ”An exhibition from the future… now”.

3-D printing, of everything from houses to hearts and pretty much all you can imagine in-between, is the coming revolution. And not only for industry, but culture and creativity too.

In the first major exhibition in Greece dedicated entirely to this amazing technology, more than 100 pieces by luminaries of Art, Architecture, Fashion, Science, and Product design combine to hint at the transformed commercial, public and private spheres of tomorrow. Read More »

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IS1 Introductory Studio – Torre Baró Energy District G2 // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

Architecture goes beyond buildings. A building is a concentration of activities in a particular location which should be responsive to concrete cultural, social, economic and technological conditions. In the 21st century, the buildings are more than machines for dwelling in. They should be living organisms, capable of interacting with their environment, following the principles of ecology or biology rather than those of mere construction. In effect, a building should be like a tree, which is able to rooting itself in a particular place, generating its own energy, interacting with the natural networks around it and creating complex ecosystems and landscapes together with other trees.

In this framework the Introductory Studio group 2, led by Edouard Cabay, with Rodrigo Aguirre, presented their projects today to an international jury board composed by: Areti Markopoulou – IAAC Academic Director, Silvia Brandi – IAAC Academic Coordinator, Lluis Víu – Max de Cusa Arquitects, Jordi Pagès – Creative Director & Motion Designer, Jaime Coll – COLL-LECLERC, Pepe Ballesteros – Pasajes Arquitectura, Javier Peña – Xpiral and Marcella del Signore – x-topia.

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DS MAA02 Design Studio – Self-Sufficient Housing Torre Baró // FINAL PRESENTATIONS

Today were the MAA02 Design Studio, directed by Javier Peña, Rodrigo Rubio and Silvia Brandi, Final Presentations. The projects presented were  an exercise directed to experimenting with the idea of the self-sufficient habitat. In the occasion of a competition in which IAAC has been invited to participate, along with the other architecture schools of Barcelona, the studio explored the development of a Self Sufficient House. The site is located in Torre baró, in the Collserola hill, between the city of Barcelona and the Collserola Natural Park.

The project proposals were presented to an International Jury board composed by: Areti Markopoulou – IAAC Academic Director, Marjan Colletti – marcosandmarjan design limited, Gonzalo Delacámara – IMDEA and Marcella del Signore – x-topia.

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