The design has a module of 200mm x 200mm which gives us a tile
structure goes on shading one object to another, keeping in mind the frame of wiki house too.Team19_DiagramComponent Team19_DiagramDetail DIAGRAM FASCADE [Converted]


The “X” shaped modules formed as a doubly curved formed structure giving us a perfect curve on the textile, as we have a stretchable material it allows as to curve the structure and forms the desire shape.


Team19_process1 Team19_process2 Team19_process3 Team19_process4

Our façade has more translucent area which allows us to have more indirect light inside wiki house.


Material: wood
Technique: laminating
Translucent material: textiles
Percentage: 90%
Percentage: 10%

Team 19_final2


Levit Arroyo
James Nurtanio Njo
Abbas Kikali