IAAC Takes Part to "Imprimer le Monde" at the Centre Pompidou

What is the status of the author-creator in the age of non-standard production and its unique but industrially manufactured objects? What is the status of the 3D-printed object, simultaneously everyday object, technological product, work of art, designer item, and architectural prototype?

Digital technologies have revolutionised design and production, transforming the practice of architects, designers and artists. Described as a disruptive technology, 3D printing has become widely diffused over the last decade and a half, thanks open-source-software-based platforms, adopted throughout industry from aeronautics to biotechnology.

The exhibition Imprimer le Monde, curated by Marie-Ange Brayer and Olivier Zeitoun for the Centre Pompidou, reveals the transformation of forms within a digital materiality that has given birth to a new typology of objects having 3D printing in common. From the designer object to innovative research projects, the show will bring together a younger generation of artists, designers and architects who make use of 3D printing as an analytical and experimental tool.

In the framework of the international symposium Vertigo, which will also take place from March 15th to March 18th at the Centre Pompidou, the conference Les Formes du Digital, will be specially related to this subject.

IAAC Robotic Expert Alexandre Dubor will take part to this round table discussion, which will bring together Frédéric Vacher of Dassault Systèmes, Fabio Gramazio of Gramazio Kohler Research, Henriette Bier and Sina Mostafav of Hyperbody TU Delft, Alisa Andrasek of RMIT Architecture and Design and the dutch designer Lilian van Daal.

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