Active Public Space: Have a Glimpse into MAA Introductory Studio Midterm Presentations!

Last week the students of the first year of the Master in Advanced Architecture went through the Mid-term presentations of the three Introductory Studios of the current Academic Year.

The studio My Metabolic Garden, led by the Senior Faculty Javier Peña and the Faculty Oriol Carrasco, with the assistance of Catalina Puello Acosta, is about developing the skills, knowledge and comprehension for being able to design and generate new spatial devices.

Climate change and global warming are here main drivers to start working on existing gardens and empty lots, transforming and tuning them into devices of climatic intermediation.

The studio The Morphogenesis of an Urban Photobioreactor led by the Senior Faculty Claudia Pasquero and Carmelo Zappulla, with the assistance of Sebastian Amorelli, is a speculation on what we call Post Kitchen Gastronomy.

Students are working at the intersection of biology, computation and design to map to potential for new spaces of cultivation and consumption in the city of Barcelona.

The studio will investigate production and consumption of food in the Anthropocene Age and the students will be designing photobioreactors for productions and consumption of future food.

The studio Machinic Protocols led by Senior Faculty Edouard Cabay, Faculty Rodrigo Aguirre and Guest Faculty Stuart Maggs, assisted by Mehmet Berk Bostanci, continues its exploration on the car-less city by articulating time-based urban and architectural solutions for the reclaimed public space in Barcelona.

The studio concludes its investigation with a narrative short film, shot within a performative model that presents the project as an urban fiction, featuring the changes in the urban public space over the period of one or several decades.