The OTF students just finished the first phase of the Aquaponic Pavilion that has been installed on IAAC rooftop. This Pavilion is the prototype of a new form of urban agriculture based on aquaponics: a symbiotic system where breeding fishes is combined with the soilless cultivation of plants and vegetables.

The design of the pavilion has been optimized in order to maximize the solar exposition of the plants, both on the surface and on the interior of the pavilion. The first phase of construction consisted in the robotic fabrication of the structure out of 1680 sticks of wood during 60 hours of robotic fabrication. The fabrication protocol of this pavilion is a developed on the previous OTF Pavilion Fusta Robotica.

During the following phases of the construction, the pavilion will be complemented by a transparent protective skin self responding to the internal and external environmental conditions and the integration of the farming products with plants and fishes.

This projects has been developed with the collaboration of MEREFSA and WINDMILL.

Faculty: Areti Markopoulou, Alex Dubor, Silvia Brandi, Djordje Stanojevic
Coordinator: Maria Kuptsova
Students: Mohamad Mahdi Najafi, Fathimah Sujna Shakir, Nada Shalaby, Monish Siripurapu, Ji Won Jun, Josep Alcover Llubia, Yanna Haddad, Andrea Quartara, Angelo Figliola.