IAAC Alumni Chenthur Raaghav about Responsive Intelligence at TEDxVienna

Last October 21st at the Volkstheater of Vienna, IAAC Alumni Chenthur Raaghav Naagendran was invited to deliver his TEDxVienna talk about “Responsive Intelligence”, exploring the ideas of material research and design computation that culminated his MAA thesis about Graphene and its Architectural Applications.

This TEDxVienna conference has blend advances on the edge of a breakthrough in fields like AI, blockchain or gene editing with personal stories of living on the edge and ideas for getting an edge on pressing global issues like climate change and inequality.

On the one hand, humanity is experiencing exponential growth in ideas at the cutting edge of technology and science. On the other hand, society has seemingly been driven to the edge, with divisions rapidly spreading across the world.”

Since its establishment in early 2010, TEDxVienna has built upon the mission of spreading ideas by providing a platform for thinkers and tinkerers to engage with ideas and each other, both online through written or filmed content and in person at TEDx conferences held in Vienna, the heart of Europe.