Advanced Interaction Research Studio – Second Term Presentations

Last Monday March 14th, Master in Advanced Architecture (MAA) students went through the second term final presentations of the Advanced Interaction Research Studio led by Carlos Gómez.

One of the aims of the Advanced Interaction Research Studio is to determine whether technology is really helping us reach solutions or, on the contrary, if it is making us forget the impact of its own development and implementation.

On the light of the above observation, students were asked to think and reflect about an ethic of the use of technology, and to design systems that could somehow help revert the problems generated by our own technological development.

Students projects analysed colours perception, kinetic art and human migrations and re-thinked eroticism in the era of new technologies.

Faculty: Carlos Gómez
Students: Anna Abduraimova, Lalin Keyvan, Lina Salamanca, Luis Bonilla, Robert Chacon
Jury: Areti Markopoulou, Chiara Farinea, Marco Ingrassia, Mathilde Marengo, Silvia Brandi

Advanced Interaction is one of the five research lines offered by the Master in Advanced ArchitectureLearn more about its research challenges and applications by clicking here.