Winy Maas and the Why Factory Back at IAAC for the MaCT Green Dip Seminar

Led by The Why Factory and MVRDV co-founding director Winy Maas, the students of the Master in City & Technology are currently critically looking at greening solutions for cities, approaching the greening controversy by looking at the planet as a whole.

Seven worldwide cities, covering a vast array of world climates, have been selected and analysed by looking at the density, climatic conditions and more specifically, at the native flora in those regions.

What are the existing and future solutions for implementing vegetation in buildings? Rooftops, facades, balconies, and the ground levels are being taken into consideration by MaCT students as potential solutions.

Students are now systematically exploring the implementation of precise species on different urban forms. The result of these studies will be an atlas of potentials to finally calculate the outcome of covering built matter with this new nature.

The Master in City & Technology focusses on the needs for the habitability of the 21st century cities and the significant role of technology for the formation of the new urban environments. 

IAAC proposes this Master programme oriented in training Change Makers that City Government Administrations, the Industry and Communities need in order to develop projects for the transformation of the cities.

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