IAAC Launches the First Edition of Master in City & Technology Second Year

With the objective of furthering the research developed in the first year of the MaCT programme, IAAC is proud to launch its first edition of Master in City & Technology Second Year.

During the MaCT02 programme students will have the opportunity to work on an individual thesis focused on the development of a pilot project, allowing them to fully engage with both the theoretical and practical aspects of the project.

The students will also follow associated seminars amplifying their knowledge of technologies associated to the urban context, allowing them to integrate these in the development of holistic projects, mixing technology with social, economic and environmental benefits.

The individual thesis, or pilot project, will allow the students to gain in depth knowledge on elaborating disruptive urban proposals that use technology to better citizens’ quality of life.

Additionally, through the development of the individual thesis based on a real case study, students will have the opportunity to collaborate with industrial and governmental representatives, among the collaborative entities of the MaCT programme, giving students the necessary support and knowledge to develop solutions for the real world.