Machinic Protocols – How can Energy be Drawn?

“… we translate natural dynamisms into graphical manifestations, we delineate incidents. We construct mechanisms that enable a pen to move under the diction of an environmental force – the turbulent waves, a flock of pecking pigeons or an oscillating magnet …”


The exhibition Traces – Delineating Incidents unveiled a series of drawings translating natural forces into graphical manifestations. Set up as an investigation on energy, each plate shown at the exhibition was produced without the direct intervention of the hand, but with a constructed mechanism that enabled the pen to move.

traces exhibition iaac

Five sets of drawings generated by five different forces.

traces exhibition iaac

Five sets of drawing generated by five different forces.

Resulting from the constant repetition of a calligraphic action, the exhibited drawings featured chance or randomness, yet the suggestive unpredictable nature of the act leads to the emergence of certain patterns that invites the reading of the physical phenomenon. These traces, marks that have been physically delineated on drawing paper, suggested intense and hypnotic emotional landscapes.

The exhibition, hosted by the Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc in Barcelona in the past month of may, was structured in an exhibition space, where were presented ten drawings which are the result of different forces (wind, waves, animals, magnets, metro etc.), and a production space, where a drawing machine – 314 Moments – connected with a sensor produced one plate per day of exhibition, taking as a source of energy the movement of people walking in the street.

traces exhibition iaac

Exhibition Space at the Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc

traces exhibition iaac

314 Moments – Project by Edouard Cabay in collaboration with Alejandro Rondón, Rodrigo Aguirre, Alexandre Dubor and Lina Salamanca

The exhibition, a collaboration between the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and the Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc curated by Edouard Cabay, featured projects initiated as an investigation at the Master in Advanced Architecture in fall 2015 by Edouard Cabay and Rodrigo Aguirre.

Some of the plates are now on sale at the official web page of the exhibition:

traces exhibition iaac

IAAC Students at the Exhibition Opening

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia / Cercle Artístic de Sant Lluc
Curator: Edouard Cabay
Scenography, design and installation: Appareil, Alejandro Rondón, Rodrigo Aguirre
Photography: Mara Sylvester, Chenthur Raaghav, Enric Bolaño
Audiovisual: Carlos Gómez, Jean Sebastian Munera
Production: Ana Isabel Cajiao, Silvia Brandi
Communication: Alice Puleo, Núria Benaiges

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
Direction: Edouard Cabay
Assistant: Rodrigo Aguirre
Students: Pedro Levit Arroyo Ventura, Dirk van Wassenaer, Tobias Deeg, Peter Geelmuyden Magnus, Martin Hristov, Vishnu Jadia, Khushboo Jain, Hong Jeng Rung, Sidharth Kumar, Utsav Mathur, Jean Sebastian Munera, Chenthur Raaghav Naagendran, Lina Salamanca, Naitik Shah, Goutham Santhanam, Ekaterina Simakova, Connor Stevens, Varsha Subba Rao, Mercedes Swiecicki, Lili Tayefi