MAI Students Present the Future of Gastronomy at Corretger5 Gallery

How do we communicate the consequences of our designs to the general public?
How do we make the best use of the space in order to create compelling experiences for the visitors?

In the framework of the Master in Advanced Interaction, the Interactive Agents Studio, led by Luis Fraguada and Ignacio de Juan Creix, has seek to imagine our daily life augmented by familiar objects with embedded agency. Agency can be defined in many manners, but generally speaking, we understand agency as the capacity to act or engage. In an interaction context, agency should allow an entity (object, being, space, etc) to reveal its role in a scenario.

Many of the entities in our lives have a sort of default and passive agency in that they mean something to us, yet they have no capacity to modify that meaning. Interacting with these entities is one-directional, we enforce our agency upon them. While this does allow the entity’s meaning to adapt over time as it is included in experiences, it has no embedded capacity to exert this meaning as an interactive agent. This studio has addressed the notion of passive entities by designing interactivity into them.