Encrypted nomadism

Introduction: Sheet 1

World immigration has always posed different results for both host and origin countries. Political instability, unemployment, social and economic insecurity are one of the few reasons for immigration since times immortal. The recent war in Syria is one of the biggest challenges world has come across since the cold war. The neighboring countries Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon are not only saturated with the immigrants but are also facing economic crisis. The number of immigrants reaching these countries everyday has increased gradually resulting in social, economic and political pressure. Who is suffering the most? What is the future of these camps? Refugees have no money, no education, no future and no work. Now the question is: Can refugee camps be the financial hubs of the nation? Can they help the host nation to grow economically?

Panel 01

Sheet 2: The Syrians refugees in search of shelter and safety have reached Jordan and boast of one of the largest camps in the world where they live in fear and depression as the day goes by. Each child worries about his future, each adult thinks about his golden past. Meanwhile in Jordan, its the situation of crisis. Al-Zataari is growing day by day whereas the resources are getting extinct, the space is getting saturated. The statistics in the panel show the age distribution in the camp and the number of skilled and unskilled workers in the camp. These people fall short of the compensation which is given to them on a monthly basis. In short no transport system, no clean water, no good food and last but but not the least: no education.

Panel 02

Sheet 3 & 4: Idea is to make the city self-sustainable which is for the people, by the people and of the people. Psychology plays an important role in the life of each immigrant as everyone has gone thru’ a lot in the past. Processing shows how Al-Zataari grew from small tents to a city today and from there how it can be re-planned into residential, commercial and educational zones. The changing form in each component opens the probables for each system with the commercial spaces in between opening opportunities for business.

Panel 03

Panel 04

Sheet 5:

How about connecting people? How about thinking of a solution rather than thinking and talking about problems. We wanted to think of a component which would not only help to solve the problems of refugees but also help the host nations by boosting their economy. The goods once produced in the camps will then be transported to the cities of Jordan and the other countries. In this process we will be using the solar balloon which will use solar energy and be will be controlled by the refugees with their phones. We got inspired from ‘Project Loon’ of Google. How about having a tie-up with Google. They give internet to people and the transport issue is solved as well. This will be marketed thru’ Google. People generate money, host country generates money, children get education and the world has a better future.

Panel 05


The refugee cities which started with tents can become a powerhouse of the host nation if dealt strategically.

Encrypted nomadism – Self-sustained immigrant city is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2015/16 by:
Students: Dhairya Thakkar Naitik Shah
Faculty: Pablo Ros, Marco Ingrassia