Digital Innovation, Emergent Technologies and Fast Growth: MDEF Students Visit Shenzhen

The Master in Design for Emergent Futures (MDEF) students are about to discover one of the most vibrant cities in terms of digital innovation, emergent technologies and fast growth: Shenzhen.

The Research Trip will allow them to learn from local ecosystems, connect with new cultures around making and innovating, expanding the perspective of what it means to Design for Emergent Futures.

During the last forty years Shenzhen has experienced an accelerated development in terms of growth of economic activity and population, stimulated by a national Chinese policy, turning the Shenzhen in a prototype of the modern China.

The research trip, which will be held from 8th to 14th of January,  is a learning experience for students and staff, allowing to establish potential collaborations with partners of IAAC and Fab Lab Barcelona.

Among the many activities, MDEF students will get an introduction to Shenzhen and its hardware ecosystem by visiting SZOIL, and meeting local industrial design companies.

Following the objective of a shift to a sustainable manufacturing ecosystem supported by makers, students will visit the Seeed Studio, X.Factory by the hand of Eric Pan.

Visits to smaller companies that provide industrial design services, and other large tech companies such as Tencent and BGI, are also on the students list, together with exploring the Dafen Oil Painting Village and learn about other dimensions of the Shenzhen’s culture.