Embodied Interaction Seminar – Advanced Interaction Studio

This seminar, support of the Master in Advanced Interaction, has been investigating embodied interaction through the lens of diverse technological and theoretical fields. In collaboration with BeAnother Lab and FabTextiles, goal of the seminar was to assist students in developing new interfaces and experiences using biosensors, actuators and virtual reality.

The projects developed have been piloted at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) as part of the Humans+ project, an exhibition exploring potential future trajectories of our species by considering historical and emerging technologies, which closed its doors last 10th of April.

The Machine To Be Another Workshop, a working session on interaction technologies, has been organized in the framework of the Embodied Interaction Seminar. Revolving around the themes of augmented senses and social hacking, aim of the workshop was to inspire students’ thinking and increase their technical skills set.

Students have been experimenting with the multi-sensory system The Machine To Be Another and exploring the Body Swap set up. The technologies used in the experience included motion sensors, binaural sound devices, a kinect and emotional and face trackers.


Using neuroscientific protocols, telepresence, virtual reality and embodiment techniques, BeAnotherLab has created a series of experiences for a variety of contexts, including conflict resolution, empathy, physical rehabilitation, art, and neuroscientific research. Their main integration of interaction protocols, technologies and body of knowledge is called The Machine to Be Another.


FabTextiles develops and implement a new approach on to how create, produce and distribute fashion elements, by using distributed manufacturing infrastructures and knowledge networks. They experiment with the human body and human culture, by recycling, hacking and sensing it, creating feedback loops with project development, where materials, aesthetics and customisation play equal and important roles.

Advanced Interaction is one of the research lines offered by the Master in Advanced ArchitectureLearn more about its research challenges and applications by clicking here.