Meet the New MaCT Students Generation for the Academic Year 2017/18

IAAC is glad to introduce you IAAC’s Master in City & Technology new students for the current academic course 2017/2018.

Ten students, ten different nationalities and ten future changemakers, aiming to be key contributors in building and transforming the cities of the future through new urban management models and hyperconnected systems.

The MaCT focuses on the creation of applied visions that have the power to fuel progress for many generations, by allowing its participants to not only actively wonder and question progress but also, to re-imagine it and choreograph it.

MaCT students will learn how to shape the cities of the future by designing new city economies and new models of managing our cities through the creation of efficient, responsive, decentralized, productive, digital systems.

If you want to learn more about the projects, research, staff and activities developed in the MaCT programme, don’t forget to follow its new Facebook page IAAC’s Master in City & Technology.