IAAC Global Summer School 2020
June 29th – July 11th 2020
Applications are now open!

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) is pleased to inform you about the launch of Global Summer School 2020 (GSS20), the 13th edition of the international summer educational program focused on redesigning the future of our cities. Global Summer School will take place in Barcelona and in other cities or “nodes” worldwide simultaneously from June 29th through July 11th

The GSS20 is an opportunity for architecture students and professionals alike to conduct multi-level investigation on the implications of emergent techniques in our planned environments. Each year, international teams located in key cities around the globe explore a common agenda with projects deeply embedded in local conditions unique to that city.

Participants in each location have an international laboratory at their disposal to test their design hypotheses, and will learn how design conclusions derived locally can be tested and evolved globally in different cities where other teams reside. Each node is taught by a renowned professional in the architecture field, and will feature lectures from experts in various fields related to the problem being tackled in that city.


This intensive two week workshop connects each participant to ongoing research agendas in robotics, simulation, physical computing, parametric design, digital fabrication, and other relevant emerging design methodologies.              

“Programs such as IAAC’s Global Summer School have never been more important than they are now,” said Aldo Sollazzo, director of the Global Summer School at IAAC. “The world is in severe need of new minds in architecture to solve the humanitarian problems that threaten us. We at IAAC created the Global Summer School in order to provide the budding minds of the architecture field with the tools they need to address these problems.”

The previous edition of Global Summer School 2019, “Becoming” brought together more than 160 international participants, and was a great success as an explorative summer educational program with 13 different locations worldwide.This year, GSS will have nodes in Barcelona, Monterrey, Manila, India, Melbourne, Beirut, Tehran, Istanbul, Dubai and many other locations soon to be announced.

Students interested in participating need to submit an application by May 31, 2020.