Our perception it’s only a part of a reality. Our experience its limited for our own biology. Our sensors are input channels that the brain decode. We try to make visible what we cannot see, what is around us but we cannot perceive because when we experience something, we know it much better than when we think about it.

But how can we expand our perception to get that knowledge? What if we could feel “this invisibility”.

We are crossed by thousands of radio frequencies which they come from different sources, either artificial or natural, and most of them are decoded by sound. In 1931 Karl G. Jansky, electrical engineer of Bell Telephone Co. laboratories, detected by different types of antenna, when he checked that the background noise of his receiver increased when he directed the antennas to certain points of the sky. Radio Astronomy has made possible a deep study of the universe. In some cases, a radio telescope can discover regions much larger than those indicated by optical telescopes.


This project is the beginning of a personal experience in an expedition to the Cosmos through radio frequencies, the radio frequencies of the celestial bodies.

Radio Telescope Suit is a wearable that allows to hear the radio frequencies of the broad spectrum, but most important, of some radiations from the space, for example the one of the sun. With the antenna in the back the user receive the frequencies according with their own movements allowing the possibility to interact with the environment. The radio frequencies are digitally decode in sounds and images in a Raspberry pi.