Pylos /// Material and Machine Printing – OTF Workshop

Last Monday the Open Thesis Fabrication 2016/17 students presented the findings from the Pylos /// Material and Machine Printing Workshop, run by Sofoklis Giannakopoulos, Expert in Additive Manufacturing, and IAAC Robotic Expert Djordje Stanojevic.

IAAC OTF 2016/17

The previous IAAC project Pylos developed by Sofoklis Giannakopoulos between 2013 and 2015, have proven the possibility to use additive manufacturing at architectural scale with mud. The IAAC OTF 2016-17 propose to design and test at scale 1:1 architectural element that take advantage of the latest computational tools, the additive manufacturing process, and the great thermodynamic properties of the material to achieve passive performative system for bioclimatic architecture.

IAAC OTF 2016/17

During the two-week workshop the students have run a series of experiments to explore, record and extract material limitations, design parameters and structural properties always related to design aspects. Within these experiments the students were asked to record the material behaviour, not only within the fabrication process, but after the completion of the printed pieces.

The OTF Program is a unique postgraduate research program as it is developed through a non-profit partnership between IAAC and a series of well-established industrial partners and companies. The objective of this collaboration is to offer participants the possibility to engage in a semi-professional environment, and develop a project with the support and expertise of individuals and institutions, while offering companies a fresh R+D environment where to propose new design challenges and applications.

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Pylos /// Material and Machine Printing Workshop
Tutors: Sofoklis Giannakopoulos, Djordje Stanojevic
Program Directors: Edouard Cabay, Alexandre Dubor
Research Advisor: Areti Markopoulou
Students: Abdullah Ibrahim, Sameera Chukkapalli, Tanuj Thomas, Lili Tayefi, Chenthur Raaghav, Iason Giraud, Lidia Ratoi.

The project is based on IAAC Research Project Pylos developed by Sofoklis Giannakopoulos within the Open Thesis Fabrication Program in 2014.