Introduction to Processing and Arduino

Music is the art that thought us;
Play the moment and pause the memories. So today we rewind a bit and stop to record an integral part of the memory; A Game -Symphony!

Symphony is an analog gaming interface that nips back into your childhood to integrate music with gaming. To narrow it down to our little experiment, this is a simple interactive gaming interface guided by music using the link generated between arduino in physical world and processing in the virtual.

The above mentioned music can be as simple as the surrounding music or as complex as the Beethoven symphony and this generated the terrain and a simple analog on the arduino helps in maneuvering through the terrain, it’s an irony right?



For this project we made a gamepad using three buttons and a joystick which consists of two potentiometer, one button and a led to monitor the buttons.
The two potentio-meter in the joy-stick are utilized to control the motion speed and also rotating the mesh in X axis.
There is also a button on the joystick to control opacity of colors.
There are three other buttons located in right hand of the gamepad which control RGB color of the mesh.
Computer Input:
Using laptop microphone , enabled us to extract some data according to the sound and music existing  around us, this data is used to as inputs to our mesh Z factor.


SYMPHONY is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture – 01 in 2016/2017 by:
Students: Armin Akbari, Samarth Agrawal
Faculty: Angelos Chronis, Angel Muño