Making-of Brillen en la Foscor // IAAC at Llum BCN

MAA02 students, coordinated by IAAC Faculty Maria Kuptsova, Ángel Muñoz and Master in Advanced Interaction Directors Luis Fraguada and Klaus Obermaier, are in the final push of the fabrication of IAAC’s interactive installation for the Llum BCN Festival 2017.

Brillen en la Foscor will be an environmental instrument which invites visitors to discover its function and meaning through touch, light, and sound. Visitors to the Pati Llimona are exposed to a field of luminescent strings that weave through the patio anchored at 13 points, each representing the different parts of Santa Eulalia’s experience.

By interacting with the instrument, the visitor will activate a shockwave of light and sound which reverberate through the instrument’s strings forming a constellation of connections.  Multiple visitors are encouraged to play the instrument together to form new patterns of light and compositions of sound.

The work seeks to engage the visitors through playful discovery, and furthermore use this engagement to connect people to the story of Santa Eulalia through their senses rather than through an explicit narrative.

Brillen en la Foscor will be at the Pati LlimonaCarrer del Regomir 3, from the 10th to the 12th of February 2017.

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