MaCT Students Question the Role of Architects in Mapping the Evolution of our Cities

Led by MVRDV co-founding director Winy Maas, the students of the Master in City & Technology are currently mapping the evolution and advances of robotic technologies, getting an overview of the current and future technological innovations.

The transformation process of a street in the heart of Rotterdam and the impacts of robotic technologies on the build environment are the main focus of the course, which is pushing the students to question the role of architects in the development of visions for the future.

Supported by tools for visualizing, projecting and measuring the future of the build environment, the students are currently developing a library of speculations: visions illustrating the transformation process of our cities.

The “Robotic City: From Now to Then” Seminar, the course structured on the scenario-based methodology of The Why Factory, will keep on running until June 8th, date of the Open Lecture of Winy Maas WEGO: Between Man-kind and Robot-kind.

The Master in City & Technology focusses on the needs for the habitability of the 21st century cities and the significant role of technology for the formation of the new urban environments. 

IAAC proposes this new Master program oriented in training Change Makers that City Government Administrations, the Industry and Communities need in order to develop projects for the transformation of the cities.

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