Ten Generations of Alumni Came Back to IAAC to Share Their Experiences

The second Alumni meeting, celebrated last week in Barcelona, was a new chance to bring together different generations of Alumni, inviting them at IAAC to share the experiences they made after their studies.

The Alumni who gathered for the meeting came from 15 different countries, including Norway, Russia, Lebanon, India, Iran, Mexico, Philippines, and more and covering 10 generations of IAAC Alumni.

Fabrication Protocols, Research & Design, Relational Habitats and Urban Futures were the four topics around which each of the eleven Alumni, selected with a call for speakers, could present his recent work.

Alexandre Dubor (France, MAA 2012), Seiichi Suzuki (Japan/Ecuador, MAA 2012), Utsav Mathur (India, MAA 2016), Guillermo Ivan Lopez (Mexico, MAA 2007), Agata Kycia (Poland, MAA 2008), Carlos Bausa (Spain, MAA 2014), Stephanie Bashir (Lebanon, MAA 2014), Ece Tankal (Turkey, MAA 2014), Maria Cynthia Funk (Philippines, MAA 2016), Peter Magnus (Norway, MAA 2016), Antonio Atripaldi (Italy, MAA 2011).

After the Alumni Talks Aldo Sollazzo (Italy, MAA 2013), IAAC Head of Visiting Programs, presented the IAAC Global Summer School based on the cooperation of the Alumni Network.

Some closing words were given by Academic Director Areti Markopoulou (Greece, MAA 2004) who confirmed the Institute’s intention to maintain a serious commitment to further develop the Alumni network and its potentials.

The working day has been closed by the open lecture of Farshad Mehdizadeh (Iran, MAA 2011) “The Structure of Context”, which focused on design strategies based on contextual interactions, analysing Iranian architecture and geography, to understand and discuss how to design within that specific context.