Noise pollution, in recent years, recognizes as one of the major concerns affecting the quality of life in urban areas worldwide. Some of the parameters influencing the noise levels in the urban space are the different users of the city, transportation, and the building’s geometry. The geometry dictates the direction of the sound, which means the volume we hear it. Straight walls will cause the sound to bounce back and forth causing more noise, whereas angled walls will promote fewer bounces, eventually diffusing the sound out into the open air. By adding noise reduction panels made from mycelium and cork aligned at different angles according to a noise analysis, the noise level in the city can be down by 35%.


suro//myco app is a tool designed for constructors, installers and residents to allow easy assembly of noises reduction panels.

Augmented reality App

The app requires basic knowledge of assembly processes, it’s guiding the user step by step, showing how to place the cable’s connectors and how to align and connect the panels. Using the app the user is able to change the panel’s angles according to is changing needs, it designs for a single user but there is a potential for multi-user interface, where multiple constructors will be able to see the same model and interact with each other’s tool, having common menu, buttons, interactions and information.

Augmented reality App

Potentially the app will include more options for the user like 3d simulation of the panel on the building’s facades, a live noise analysis simulation according to location.

App manual

‘suro//myco’ is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2022 by Student: Miran Calmanovici and  faculty assistant: Daniel Koshelyuk, Nikol Kirova, Gabriele Lliuda  Jureviciute . Course: Fab AR