Today the Institute for Advanced architecture of Catalonia welcomed the new MAA 2013-2014 students. The evening was kicked off with a few words of welcoming on behalf of the Academic Coordinator Silvia Brandi, followed by the IaaC Dean Manuel Gausa. The Master Program Director Areti Markopoulou then presented the Institute, showing past projects developed in IaaC, among which Hyperhabitat, the FabLab House, the Endesa Pavilion, and the Smart Citizen Platform. The presentation continued with an excursus of the future lines of research development that will be undertaken during the Masters in Advanced Architecture, giving the new students an idea of what extents they can potentially reach during their time in IaaC. Nuria Diaz, the Director of the Valldaura Self Sufficient Labs, presented her domain, outlining the Labs’ current development and advancement in the field of self-sufficient and sustainable living, and its potential future development, in which the students will have the opportunity to partake. Finally the new students were called up to the stage to briefly present themselves, giving an idea of their hopes for their future experience in IaaC, as well as being given a cnc FabLabBcn fabricated bag, a small token of the potentials of the cnc machines and prototyping that they will shortly get into. @IMG_6222