Pigram+Maxwell lecturing at IAAC - MAA 2012-2013 Lecture: Negotiated Formation // Supermanoeuvre For the last 7 years supermanoeuvre [Iain Maxwell and Dave Pigram] have been vigorously pursuing and developing methodologies that increase the number and quality of feedback relations between design and making: design intent, matter and the methods of production. The pursuit has taken the form of commissioned and speculative projects, technical research and experimentation. Supermanoeuvre believes that form is the primary instrument through which architecture engages the world. Through their own project work and selected historical examples, supermanoeuvre will articulate an expanded and operative understanding of ‘formation’ through the lenses of computational design and advanced fabrication. Iain [Max] Maxwell is a registered Architect and holds a Masters in Architecture from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, attained whilst studying on a British Council Landerer Arts Scholarship and Architectural Association academic bursary. His research focuses on the theoretical positioning of computation relative to the disciplinary traditions of architectural design and making. In 2007 he was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects Young Architects Prize. Dave Pigram is a designer, researcher and educator relocated to Sydney after 6 years living and working in New York. He holds a Master of Science in Advanced Architecture from Columbia University.  His research currently focuses on the use of computation to increase the number and quality of feedback loops between design and fabrication. Currently Director of the Master of Advanced Architecture program at the University of Technology, Sydney [UTS], Dave also co-directs research into robotic fabrication at the University of Michigan and is a Research Affiliate at MIT’s Media Lab.