Shade Cave in Valladolid

Based on input parameters from Ladybug analysis in Grasshopper for Rhino, we created a wooden pavilion which is suitable for the climate in Valladolid.

Due to the harsh sunlight climatic conditions in this area of Mexico, the pavilion therefore has openings for ventilation and indirect light in the areas which experience the least amount of sunlight.

The openings become smaller and eventually close completely on the top of the structure where it is most exposed to sunlight.

This Pavilion serves the purpose of shading passive users of the site, or providing a shaded sports area.

The building is oriented so that the wind direction of the site flows through the main archways, to create a comfortable internal micro climate condition.

Wooden Pavilian

Wooden pavilion in Valladolid, Mexico


Mesh Form Finding using Kangaroo for Grasshopper





Form Finding Progression


Radiation Analysis


Mesh Openings

Final Openings Adjusted for Sunlight

Internal Lighting Conditions on Site


The pavilion provides an optimal shading structure which would be enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Shade Cave is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Masters in Advanced Architecture in 2022 by students: Meagan Enright, Cansu Kilinc and Emily Rackstraw, and the faculty consisting of:

Senior faculty: David Andres Leon,

Faculty assistant: Ashkan Foroughi,

Student assistants: Laukik Lad and Uri Lewis.