Tonight we had the pleasure of having Jan Knippers lecturing as part of the IAAC Fall Lecture series 2014. Mr Knippers discussed Biological Design Strategies for Integrative Structures, presenting various examples of bottom-up design processes based on the transfer of biomimetic design principles and digital fabrication strategies. Following the analysis of the structural principles of biological role models, the material differentiation and the global morphogenetic arrangement are transferred into an architectural system. During the lecture Mr Knippers explained how this might lead to structural systems far beyond existing typologies of building construction. An important characteristic of natural structures is their multi-layered, hierarchically structured, finely tuned and highly differentiated combination of a few basic molecular components leading to structures that feature multiple networked functions. Recent developments in computational design, simulation and fabrication offer new options for transfer of these principles to the macro-scale of building construction. Aim is not only to increase performance, but also to transfer the inherent ecological properties of natural constructions, i.e. mainly the efficient usage of limited resources and the closed material cycles, and thereby to contribute to sustainability in architecture and technology. Watch the lecture here! DSC09153