Trashalytics is a project created as part of the Mixed Reality Environment for Architecture course led by Starsky Lara at the MAA01 program in IAAC.

The main goal of the project is to raise and create awareness for the environment, recycling and especially the quantities of trash and plastic that stand behind our homes, cities, products, and  lives.
The project is based on a layered reality, as an app on the phone.

The idea is to present trash in an “Arty” way around the public space.

On monuments and symbols of the city, to show and emphasize how much trash we produce and what it looks like.

So, Do you know what 500 million tons of trash looks like?

Yhaa, as we thought..

well, we’ll show you!

Today only 20% of the citizens of Barcelona are actively involved and  aware of the environmental problems we are to face in the coming years, we aim to flip these numbers

The app gives us many options on how to view and project the data we want to display.
We will start by selecting the data; for example, how many plastic bottles are thrown in the trash in Barcelona by tourists a year.
Then the “design” is selected for the same data – for example, cubes, numbers, triangles or lines.
Finally, we aim the phone at the object we want to dump the junk and get the result.

This is how it looks!

                                                               C# Code / Unity 

The Trashalitics app has been developed mixing a Using Interface/Gaming software as Unity with Coding language on C#. The C# Code established a “Game Manager” attached to unity. This manager allowed us to control the button functionality on different scenes of the app. 

Virtual Reality opportunities were enabled by using the Map-box plug-in World-scale AR manual alignment which allowed us to select real latitudes and longitudes of the world, in our case, the coordinates of Arc de Triomf where we locked different 3D models representing plastic waste data. As a result, the VR scene on the Trashalitics app will display a virtual layer over the real world.

Finally, we wish to show the world what we are constantly trying to hide – trash
We throw something in the garbage, and from that moment it disappears.

Out of sight out of mind. well, not anymore!

In this way, we would like to create more awareness and environmental responsibility in our users and public.






A project by the Students:                                                                                                                                                                                          Ines Cavar, Nitha Shivapuram, Vatsal Kapadia, Siddharth Aryaman, Osmin Avalos, Daniel Nahmias, Aditya Mandlik

Faculty:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Starsky Lara

IAAC 2020