BILL HILLIERlecturing at the IAAC Bill Hillier at the IaaC Lecture Spatial sustainability in cities: or, do cities really have neighbourhoods?” 7th of May // 19:30 // IAAC Auditorium // C/Pujades 102 BARCELONA Bill Hillier is Professor of Architectural and Urban Morphology in the University of London, Chairman of the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies, Director of the Space SyntaxLaboratory in University College London and a director of Space Syntax Limited. He was the pioneer of ‘space syntax’ in the nineteen seventies, and authored The Social Logic of Space (Cambridge University Press, 1984, 1990) with Julienne Hanson, Space is the Machine’ (CUP 1996), and over a hundred and fifty publications on space and other aspects of architectural and urban theory. Current research interests are in space syntax as a theory of the city, the relation between cities and urban societies, the syntax of generative buildings, the links between objective spatial laws and spatial cognition, the aesthetics of space, and the space syntax paradigm as a philosophical position.