So, what’s a lamp? *definition from Cambridge English Dictionary

LAMP noun: A device for giving light, especially one that has a covering or is contained within something. 


Therefore, the lamp is the shell that holds and protects the bulb, and can do it in diferent ways not only in its form but also depending on its position: it can be a pendant lamp, a table one, a floor one…

The interesting point of that is that it can be versatile (one same element could work horizontally or v ertically), can be modular (different combinations produce different forms)… thus thee main focus is creating a system.


The form will be simple, so that few support is needed to build (print) it,

The shape will be oval, so that it optimizes the volume/material usage relation.

The volume will be composed by two elements and will fit in different positions, so that the final product is adaptable

The parts will be attached mechanically and fixed by a slight rotation, so that they can either work together or independently.




Once the design is stablished, the digital (production part I) and the fabrication can begin (production part II).

(Even though machines are thought to be the future, they -as humans- sometimes fail also)



*definition from Cambridge English Dictionary

JOINT noun (connection): A place where two things are fastened together.


Having a look at some references, there are a lot of 3dprinting bamboo joints that work well in connecting two or more sticks in different angles, so why not using them and trying to design a different type of joint? The interest here was to find an union that could hold elements together, mainly focusing on working with bamboo as a structural material (if we hold different sticks together they could work as a column).


The design could be adapted to respond to the demands: by scaling the central circle the piece would increase-decrease holding the bamboo sticks closer or further.




– repeat the same process followed in the lamp design-

part I: digital 3d model + machine software

part II: 3d printing and wait




/PROJECT BY            Elisabet Fàbrega R.Roda
/DEVELOPED AT     Iaac (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia), Valldaura Labs
/COURSE                    MAEB (Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings) 2018-2019
/PROGRAM                Digital Prototyping for Architecture (Digital Fabrication Tools)
/LEADED BY              Eduardo Chamorro