Generative Systems

Programming the Perpetual Unknowns

Studio Objective:

The vision was to bring back the focus on the people’s requirements in a sustainable and human-centered manner through the well connecting system.

Project description

A place where unplanned settlement and organic development have materialized over a period of time but to improve the other living conditions and quality of life has ceased to situation.
Question: can we help pull the users from the present situation to a better quality of life by adding 5 variables which can influence their life instantly and hope to create a ripple effect to a greater possibility.

axonometric drawing


Scale: 160 m x 160 m
Period: 5 years

Project variable

Water tank – service radius 4m – the size of occupied space: 0.5m x 0.5m
Toilets – service radius 8m – the size of occupied space: 1.0m x 1.0m
Fab lab – service radius 16m – the size of occupied space: 2.0m x 2.0m
Multipurpose space – service radius 32m – the size of occupied space: 4.0mx4.0m
Light poles -service radius 4m – the size of occupied space: 0.5m (array)


Sand is the unplanned settlement in our project.
Water drops are the variables
without disturbing the pattern which the settlement has already existed, so the impact is happening on the upper level of the space of the settlements.
The variables are activated near the pathways. The pathways are connected with the 2 edges of the boundary of the site.
Each variable has their own radius of usage and location relation with each other with the reference placed along the axis of the pathway.
Multipurpose space has different usage during daytime (as school), evening (as the market).
All the variables are constructed using a scaffolding structure

Sand film


Project by:

Akshay Gopinath
Abhay Devidas
Yimeng Wei

Developed in:

Mechanic Protocols, IAAC, December 2018


Edouard Cabay

Rodrigo Aguirre

Peter Geetmuyden Magnus