IAAC Spring Lecture series 2014 IAAC is proud to announce the Spring Lecture Series 2014:

22nd April 2014 BENJAMIN BARBER Political theorist Author of “If Mayors Ruled the World” – New York

25th April 2014 EVA FRANCH Architect Director of Storefront for Art and Architecture – New York

29th April 2014 PHILIPPE RAHM Architect Principal in Philippe Rahm architects – Paris

8th MAY 2014 ALFREDO BRILLEMBOURG Architect Principal in Urban-Think Tank Professor at ETH – Zürich

13th May 2014 MAURIZIO CARTA Architect and Urbanist Professor at the Università degli Studi – Palermo

15th May 2014 ECOSISTEMA URBANO Group of Architects and Urban Designers – Madrid

22nd May 2014 EUROPEAN ARTS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY NETWORK Tangibility and Sense of Presence through Physical Interaction – Visual and Sound Performances of Haptic Interfaces, Super Collider and Max MSP

29th May 2014 JOHN PALMESINO Architect and Urbanist Principal in Territorial Agency – London

26th June 2014 WINY MAAS Architect and Urbanist Principal in MVRDV – Rotterdam

Events supported by Moritz, Barcelona