Porous Complex

Fatemeh Nejati- Dafni Vakalopoulou

Porous Complex is the result of an eco-system based process which aims to answer the Environmental challenges in a complicated urban tissue. The context of the project is Barcelona city with Mediterranean Climate. The climate-oriented approach of this project has brought a porous shape for main tissue to have more interactive with Environmental and social level. This complex is designed for a neighborhood who are most immigrants. Being affordable was one of our goal. Making our material from the soil which we wanted to extract, Shaped the idea of using Earth brick for walls and Ceramic tiles for the facade.



The Facade references


The Facade Concept inspired by Structural walls of Porous Complex





Ceramic tile Prototype: Scale 1/10









Ceramic tile Prototype: Scale 1/1

“Valldaura” clay gave us this ability to prototype one of our Ceramic tiles in real scale. For making a whole, A 3d-printed mold was used and for fixing the ceramic on cable, 2 little fixers were designed and 3d-printed in Green fab-lab.






Facade Section





Porous Complex is a project of IAAC,  Institute for Avdanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at MAEBB 2021.

Students: Fatemeh Nejati- Dafni Vakalopoulou

Faculty: Miquel Rodriquez