final pres summer school The GSS 2013 concluded today with the Final Presentation of the 6 projects developed throughout the 2 weeks of work. The Global School programme seeks to investigate common agendas in global localities.  The 2013 edition included the participation from institutes in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, and North America, in particular: Mumbai, Tehran, Istanbul, Barcelona, New York and Lima. The projects developed aimed to generate a new strategy to understand and facilitate the Production of the City in various aspects: Production of Knowledge, Prodution of Food, Production of Objects, and the Production of  Energy,  key elements which establish the basic necessities to create self-sufficient habitats, and allowing the Summer School to serve as the testing ground for the generation of project ideas. Concepts included sharing energy, sharing working experience, adaptable structures that combines data and visual illusions, sunshine sterilization installation, etc. The projects were developed through a 3 phase process: Analysis, both on a global and a local scale, Digital Design, generating a programme and concept for the Project, and, finally, a Fabrication phase, in which a vision, through the generation of a prototype, and the project process were elaborated. Each Group worked on a different square in the centre of Barcelona, generating interactive tools, through the elaboration of 1:1 scale prototype for each square. These facilitated the incremention of knowledge and facilities for the square in question, thanks to the use of the Smart Citizen kit and Arduino, that is associative tools that allow  to relate the projects to various internal and external dynamics of the site. The Barcelona Group distribution was as follows: Group 1: Plaça de la Merce ·         Daniel Villacis ·         Francis Goyes ·         Sara Infelisi   Group 2: Plaça de Salvador Segui ·         Gabriela Fichtner ·         Kritina Zubko ·         Necdet Ya??z Özkan ·         Stephie Moukarzel   Group 3: Plaça dels Angels ·         Jordi Guerra ·         Sofia Li Xin ·         Tseng Tzu-Man   Group 4: Plaça Nova ·         Amro Kabbara ·         Anna Goga ·         Olga Tarasova   Group 5: Arc de Triomf ·         Alexander Plotkin ·         Misha Knyazev ·         Stas Kozin   Group 6: Plaça del Mar ·         Mattia Benatti ·         Olga Gorkaya ·         Sandra Poliakov