The design is an inviting, interactive, and playful module for the children at the elementary school. It provides a sensory experience for them, both visually and physically. The structure intends to feed their curiosity by stimulating their senses of touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. The Playground contains an organic wave geometry made from wood. The playful form and soft texture will allure the children to approach the structure instinctively. The geometry has several fluid cavities and extrusions that host various plants.

Vegetation type

Herbs and vegetables will be grown at the bottom to allow easy access for the children. They can work with the plants hands-on and have the experience of nurturing their garden. Smelling and taste their harvest as they learn.

Flowering plants are located throughout the upper area, to attract pollinating animals like butterflies, birds, and other insects. The captivating array of colors visually stimulates their minds and eyesight. Some of the extrusions have provisions for insects to live. All that create an active environment of buzzing bees and birds, building a micro-ecosystem. The goal is to heighten the senses of the students and inspire them to connect with their natural environment.

3D printed removable pots

The structure has three complementary modules; a planter, an insects hotel, and a removable pot for the children. The removable pots are 3-D printed and can be placed at different points in the structure depending on the children’s choice.

The structure is provided with a water drainage pipe at the back. The undulating curves in the front, protrude out and act as shading from extreme sun exposure.

‘THE PLAYGROUND ’ is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2022 by Students: Miran Calmanovici, Neha Jayanth Pattanshetti, Ariadna Giménez Lorente, and Aaron Jude Pereira and faculty: Chiara Farinea, faculty assistant: Lana Awad, Andrea Conserva, Fiona Demeur, Ilaena Napier