IAAC Alumni presented a Design Studio project developed within the Master in Advanced Architecture 2011-12 in the context of Rob|Arch Conference 2012. Alexandre Dubor and Gabriel Bello Diaz featured the “Magnetic Architecture: Generative Design through Sensoric Robots” at the Conference Workshops that took place from December 14th to 16th in Vienna, Graz, Zürich, Rotterdam and Stuttgart. The presentation was supported by IAAC and KUKA. ROB|ARCH has been initiated by the Association for Robots in Architecture, of which IaaC is a member since 2012, as a new conference series on the use of robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design, closely linking industry with cutting-edge research institutions. Project credits: IAAC, Master in Advanced Architecture Course: Digital Tectonics, (Fab)Bots 3.0 Faculty: Marta Malé-Alemany Assistant: Jordi Portell, Miquel Lloveras Technical Experts: Santiago Martin, Guillem Camprodon, Santiago Martín González Students: Akhil Kapadia, Alexandre Dubor, Angel Fernando Lara Moreira, Gabriel Bello Diaz. See the project here