OTF Midterm

For the Midterm presentation, the student researchers of OTF presented the latest development of their projects, a series of 3D Printed clay walls, each incorporating a different performative aspect.

The researchers each focused on a climatic phenomenon, ranging from solar radiation, daylighting, thermal conductivity, thermal convection and thermal mass. All walls dealing with a specific behavior gained a specific formal language, due do the optimization of parameters which lead to a series of solutions.

IAAC - OTF - Midterm

The student researchers also focused on various material compositions, mixing the clay with aggregates that will enhance its possibilities and limit the negative aspects that occur in the use of this specific material.

IAAC - OTF - Midterm2

The last part of the research included a heavily study upon structures – the team created a series of structural scenarios and proposed optimum solutions, which become obvious in the behavior of the 3D printed prototypes. Evidently, each set of research was filtered through the idea of clay extrusion, the vital component of OTF’s theme (more about the overall approach here).