GROW AGAIN  For Urban Farming 

“Fifty years ago the planet had just 3.55 billion mouths to feed.  Today, that number has grown to 7.6 billion, 55% of which live in urban centers.  As populations grow, arable land for food production becomes scarcer, and urban sprawl pushes food production further away from the city”

The expansion of urban agriculture is arguably necessary to feed the world’s population, especially as the global migration toward urban centers continues. However, there is a range of hindrances preventing its full utilization, all of which are not necessarily exclusive to urban production systems, especially problems associated with a lack of foresight.

This project aims to recycle and reuse urban mining materials in different urban strategies,  this can help diminish urban carbon waste management.




Material mapping helped this project by understanding the future of material waste over the Eixample.



Grow Again vision of for the next 10 years and the impact to feed Eixample population.







GROW AGAIN is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in City & Technology 2021/2022 by Students: Pushkar Runwal, Can Xu, Karim Abillama with the Faculty: Areti Markopoulou, Oana Taut, Hesham Shawqy  and Assistant: Sarine Bekarian