Week 2 of the Drawing Machines studio;

Our initial experiment involved the use o f wind as the driving force of matter ( water in that case). Later on we were to use that driving force to manipulate pens in order to make markings/drawings on a given sheet of paper.

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Our concept originated from the idea that wind generates a greater force when hitting a surface rather than the rounded plastic pen, thus we were to create a few surfaces on the pens and allow for them to freely move once subjected to wind. Here is a short video that showcases the experiment.

Through the movement of the pens while at a very close distance from the paper, we achieved a very interesting drawing, and we discovered that based on the placement of the fans/wind generating device we could control the location of pen markings on the paper.




We were introduced to the context and asked to make a diagram specific to Eixample in Barcelona. The diagram had to be generic and usable on any of the intersections of the Eixample. In this case we approached the project from a proportional perspective instead of measurements.  The result gave us interesting map and very interesting discoveries regarding the ratios used to design Eixample.