What Do I Wish to Do?
I wish to make an app that shows our clients, friends, Mom’s and the world our designs and details not only in the “old (boring) fashion way”

Why do this?

Because it’s more interactive than renders, less boring than plans and sections.
And It’s a good way to understand and visualize to the world our projects, their size, and how it they look on site.
All this is only in the first part of the project, the planning part.
As for constructing, MR opens up endless possibilities for us to work.

How to do this?

Architects, no reason to be afraid form this photo. Using Unity and and Code we place our 3Ds

App Interface


Finally, MR is an excellent tool for the many different needs we have as designers.
Examining proportions, what an object looks like in space,
visualizing connections and meeting points between different materials and systems,

virtual and Interactive tours for customer are just the tip of the iceberg.
MR opens up a whole world of options for us – lets use it

Thank You
AR App for Architecture
MR Environments for Architecture
Faculty: Starsky Lara
Student: Daniel Nahmias