The aims of this project are to generate an educational building where people will learn through a series of experiences. Understanding that one of the best ways of educating is through a method of learning by doing, a self-discovery of the individual.

Continuom also involves the notion of time. But time not understood in a chronological way, rather time as the dimension where experiences occur. Experiences as a result of the evolution of time and this experiences as part of an educational process.

To ensure an evolution and continous change of this experiences, the architecture itself should adapt to change. It cannot be a fixed architecture, it should be dynamic, nondeterministic, fluent. So the inhabitable spaces area going to change according to the individual desire to generate a catalog of spaces that will generate infinite experiences.

Continuom proposes a new architecture, a machine to generate spaces, experiences, feelings.








The system of the building consists basically on the physics of the matter. Understanding the phenomenon of the states of matter, solid, liquid, gas, the proposal is to use particles as the main structure. The particles, in this case, will interact with a 3-dimensional grid of laser beams that area going activate the particles and make the change from solid to liquid to gas over and over again.

At the beginning, the building is going to be completely empty without any formal space, as the user requires a certain experience the 3-dimensional grid of beams will start to interact with the particles. Solidifying them and generating a tangible, inhabitable space for expected experience. This will led to a catalog of spaces, a catalog of experiences.

After the experience is done, the same 3-dimensional grid will start again the interaction with the solidified particles. But in this case, they are going to melt the material so the material (now liquid) will go back to the system. The liquid material then is going to change from liquid to gas state in order to have it ready for the new scenarios.





Master in Advanced Architecture

Self Sufficient Buildings

Faculty : Enric Ruiz G.-Mireia Luzárraga

Student: Alvaro Meza M.

Institute For Advanced Architecture of Catalonia