Intro ZAC

The project combines interaction with arduino as an interface for the user and Processing to show the result that the user is experiencing. The project is based on the popular game “etch-a-sketch”. By twisting the potentiometers it provides a user a different way of visualizing a classic game.


ZAC inspiration



Arduino board layout used to play ZAC



Artwork gallery of the users

zac series 1 zac series 2 zac series 3 zac series 4 zac series 5


ZAC  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2016/2017 by:

Students : Zrinka Radic, Ariel Valenzuela Hernandez, Catalina Puello
Faculty : Angelos Chronis, Angel Muñoz