We5 - manual-0_Page_01 The main aim for the wind machine is to start a production cycle of plants, which can be used in the daily life of Valldaura. The wall is producing energy with windturbines. The energy is used for pumping water to the crops. The machine uses waste products from the house in the form of grey water and compost. The structure is built out of hemp, which the plantation can grow.In this way the production cycle is a living cycle itself. WE5 is made DOWNLOAD MANUAL  We5 manual 2013 Winddiagram2 PROTECTION FOR CROPS A wall protects a plantation from the strong wind from the north, and allows the sun to reach the plants from the south. The small plants are placed near the structure, because they need more shelter from the wind. Winddiagram1 WALL PRODUCE ENERGY The wall produces energy through windturbines and feeds the plantation with water. The wall also collects rainwater into a tank, which is connected to the grey water from Valldaura. DESIGNING SLOPE AND PALES To protect, cover and increase the wind speed to the turbines, pales were added. The pales have two main aims; one is to direct the wind towards the turbine, and second is to accelerate the wind speed. The twisting design of the pales helps in achieving the objective and also creates a venturi effect. The pales are shaped as NACA foils, so they reduce the turbulence inside the slope   Slopediagram3 Slopediagram     SPECIFICATIONS   We5 - manual-0_Page_12 copyVALLDAURA The structure is a new wall merging into the environment of Valldaura. The house of Valldaura is supported by retaining walls made out of local bricks. When the road was made to Valldaura, natural stone was exposed. The new wall component is the juxtaposition between the stone wall and man made tile wall. We5 - Valldaura2We5 - Valldaura3 We5 - Valldaura1we5-blog2-_8 we5-blog2-_7 we5-blog2-_6 we5-blog2-_5 we5-blog2-_4 we5-blog2-_3 we5-blog2-_2 we5-blog2-_1 we5-blog2-we5-blog2-_9         OTHER SITES The wall can also be used in the city of Barcelona. It could  be used by the sea side for producing electricity for lighting and be used as railing at ramps. The wall can be used to turn harsh areas into possible areas for plantation by  creating a micro climate. The example shown is from a windy dessert. We5 - Barcelona2 We5 - DessertWe5 - Barcelona1         BUILDING PROTOTYPE The prototype of We5 was built at IaaC in 2013 and transported to Valldaura. In the future the prototype should be built and assembled locally.