The workshop aims to use digital fabrication tools to communicate and interact complex design problems in an innovative way. Workshop garners with the small assignments to expose and work with the new machines and the latest techniques viz – Laser cutting,3d printing,CNC-3 axes.

1.Laser Cutting

A display stand was designed to visualize multiple layers of data to be compared against light. Light played major role in data visualization.

Machine: Laser Cut

Project Details:

The rental prices in Barcelona vary. Rentals in superblock are comparatively higher than the other areas. The study is to understand the co-relation of density of amenities and the rentals cost in Barcelona. Barrios vary in proximity and access to amenities for the year 2020.

This study also helps understand the concentration of amenities allowing to look into the potential possible future developments for Future of 15min City.

Data Layers:


Display Unit :



2.3D Printing

Machine: 3d Printer

Project Details:

A box with 6 sides with different surfaces at different angles was designed.An empty box housed an assembly of a Tilt Sensor,Battery and the LED designed to detail and fit it on the base of the box.

The exercise exposed to the tolerances and clearances required to 3d print objects.


3.CNC -3 Axes

Machine: T-Rex

Project Details:

A terrain model was CNC milled with an part of Pune city and the road profile was tested for the smallest possible bit size possible for the Milling.


Final Project : 

Pune city air pollution data was mapped using on the physical model created using all the above techniques. Air pollution data from 2006 to 2018 was mapped along with No2,So2 and RSPM values. All the data mapped is annual and No2,So2 and RSPM values are average for the respective year. The air pollution index is based on the particulate matter present maximum that year.

The video projection of this data on the model where the river is the central part of the model. It shows the co-relation and scale of the river in respect to the city and the role river basin can play to adapt to future climate change action. The data also show the current tree cover in the city of Pune and need for the more vegetation to mitigate the Carbon sequestration and also the health effects of Air Pollution.

Below Data was video mapped on the Physical model with the help of Projector.


The projection :


Video mapping Air Pollution in Pune is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City & Technology in 2020/22 by student:  Kshama Patil and faculty: Cristian Rizzuti and Shyam Zonca.