Twist Pavilion(EmTech TWISTs Plywood)

*Rendered image




The system is primarily composed of two plywood strip elements: the ‘ribs ‘and the ‘wings’. The former are planar arcs, which serve primarily a structural function, and are CNC-milled from 6mm plywood sheets to obtain the desired profiles with the grain direction oriented for high longitudinal stiffness. The latter are 4 mm thick, 120 mm wide straight strips, with the grain perpendicular to its the length. These are connected to the rib elements at specific angles and distances in order to obtain both bending and twisting.  The rib elements are essentially working as a means to trigger the inherent physical properties of the thin wings, creating characteristic sinusoidal curves on the surface




  1. -Create two circles
  2. -Deconstruct and move in Z direction such that they create a twist.
  3. -connect them with line.
  4. -Loft surface.
  5. -Get normals of the surface and create arc through the previous points of line.
  6. -Get twin curve divide the twin curve in 2 times that of the arc.
  7. -Cull alternate points on arc and create a weaving pattern with the points on arc and twin curve.
  8. -Repeat the same by shift list of arc to get the other weaving pattern.
  9. – Extrude all the curves.




1.Create two circles.



2.Rotate both.



3.Deconstruct and join the points in line. Bend it into arc.



4.Get twin cuve and divide curve to get a weaving pattern.




5.Extrude curves.