Research Question:

How traditional brick fabrication techniques affected by robotically assembled techniques?


The overall parametric geometry of the design was difficult to be conceived, represented and materialized without the help of digital technologies. Trying to build an irregular brick structure without parametric tools, it is very difficult for a human to understand and translate it from 2D drawings and 3D models into a certain physical structure.

Architecture has changed because of the computer; thanks to technological development, designers can do complicated parametric forms that would have been difficult to draw by hand and impossible to build. In addition to that thanks to robotic masonry fabrication techniques, the robot can naturally read all the different spatial coordinates describing each brick’s position and orientation and, then, pick and place them correctly in space.

Parametric Brick Facade – Using Traditional Craft Techniques

Parametric Brick Facade – Using Robotically Assembled Techniques

Working Plan for III Term

– Research on masonry brick techniques before the robotics technology
– Research on limitations of fabrication parametric brick wall before the technology
– Estimate the time-cost-limitations traditional brick fabrication techniques
– Research on thermal potential between traditional and robotic assembly technique of brick fabrication.
– Compare the thermal potential between traditional and robotic fabrication.
– Research on parametric brick fabrication examples by Robotically Assembled techniques.
– Compare the limitations, cost and time between traditional and robotic assembly techniques

Tutor: Ricardo Devesa
Student: Hazal Yilmaz