Based on the “Mobile Architecture”

“Irregular structures are interesting because of the advantages of its use in construction. They allow an unusual tolerance to imperfections. This circumstance makes them accessible to the amateur builder, someone without specific knowledge or sophisticated tools”. 

“Anyone can build them”

Yona Friedman

Being environmentally conscious is of paramount importance within contemporary design. Our research is focussed on finding a combination of naturally sourced fibers and adhesives in order to fabricate a strong and durable composite of materials.

Composite techniques are used widely across the manufacturing industry to create both strong and lightweight components. Carbon fiber elements in cars or reinforced concrete are some basic examples of this practice.

We propose a structure made of recycled and biodegradable materials so that it may then be recycled. We have begun to research the structural tolerance of different types of cardboard tubing, bioplastic and jute fibers. Each material is naturally sourced and 100% recyclable.

Our cardboard tubing will come from the fabric industry, where they are used to roll and store the fabric. 

Bioplastic is a harmless, strong and biodegradable product. We make ours out of:

40ml Distilled Water (warm)

8g Gelatine

6g Glycerine

1  Tea Bag (for amber colour

An Interactive Structure

During the structures use it will serve as a shelter. In addition it will house a number of workshops related to the biocomposite research that we have been doing here at Iaac. In our case, we would teach people how to make different types of bioplastic in a safe and instructive environment. 

In addition, we create a game that can be played by “Nowherians”. We set a list of rules so the construction can hold together.

This irregular pavilion aims to grow through the festival becoming an imp