The Metamorphic Pavilion


The Metamorphic Pavilion is a project which explores the generation of a complex form using an operations based geometric process. A single operation is repeatedly run on a primitive form to achieve this. In this case, a single mesh face is divided into smaller faces repeatedly,  until a new form is produced.  This form’s topography and typology is controlled using variables.

The variables which  control the process’ division operations are Recursion Levels and Offset Values. The process also works at different scales: it affects not only the overall shape, but it determines the surface development as well as the generation of minuscule textures.


Platonic Solids by Michael Hansmeyer

Michael Hansmeyer – Computational Architecture. 2021. Michael Hansmeyer – Platonic Solids.

//Pseudo Code

//Concept 1_Quad Mesh Subdivision

//Concept 1_Quad Mesh Subdivision_Form Finding

//Concept 2_Mesh Frame Subdivision_Face Offsets & Voids

//Shape Catalogue

//Form Evolution




The Metamorphic Pavilion is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed by: Students of MAA02: Hairati Tupe, Abrar Ali, Prathana Sudhindra, Elizaveta Veretilnaya and Ashwin Parandhaman and Faculty: Angel Munoz.