The goal of the 6 hour workshop was to write a manifesto related to the topic of Cricular Design. The manifesto should be valid for the year 2050, which leaves a lot of room for speculation. The scale to which the manifesto should refer to is an apartment block in Barcelona.
Even if the manifesto initially deals with the sub-topic of food within circular design, it quickly becomes clear that other topics such as recycling, energy and water also play a major role in the system, which is as self-contained as possible.

The assumed external circumstances are based on a society in which Circular Design has taken on a religious dimension. One bows to the sustainable life or one is an outsider. Since capitalism is one of the reasons for the climate catastrophe and this forced radical way of life, anarchism returns to Catalonia. Every block sustains itself and provides shelter and food for its inhabitants. Self sustaining and whole in itself. It is something people commit to and have to commit to to be accepted by society. Something religiously worshiped as the new standard and the only standard.

The circle of life will be the circle of our products. That is why we decided to choose the matter that keeps us alive, what gives us energy and satisfies our needs. We chose food.

Therefore we created our manifesto, solidifying the rules for everyone and rendering the other old testaments across the world obsolete.




TESTAMENT OF THE FUTURE is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, during the Masters in Advanced Architecture (MAA01) in 2021/2022.
Student:Victor Iñaki Engelhard Suarez, Divya Shah, James Alcock, Gianmarco Paglierani, Alexandru Aurelian Girtan
Faculty: N.A.
Course : Circular Narratives Workshop