TERRA PRETA _BIO CHAR ARCHITECTURE is a radical approach which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of cement in construction industries by replacing cement with BIOCHAR a carbon negative material which is used in agricultural industries  ,the primary goal of this project is to use supplementary cementitious material to replace the high carbon use of Lime + Cement + Steel fiber with Biochar + Geolite + Natural fiber as our construction materials .

Approach:  Our project have divide into 2 parts, first part is the experiment to investigate the properties of biochar for its structural performance. The second part is our design proposal with this carbon sequestered material.

Design :Our design proposal is to use structural optimization method through evolutionary process. We started up our test through the architectural element of a column to understand how the material behaves under normal stress load. We then further design a pavilion with scaling up in mind in using this materials through iterative form finding process.

Fabrication : We consider 3D printing as our manufacturing method. The multi-materials additive manufacturing through a growth process of material gradient

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